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"Ex-Gay" Demands Apology From Exodus

As you probably know, earlier this summer the most infamous "ex-gay" group, Exodus International, shut down after declaring that "ex-gay" therapy is a crock of harmful bullshit that doesn't work.  "Ex-gay" activist Christopher Doyle now says Exodus owes people like him an apology and has even written the apology letter that he feels Exodus should issue. From the letter:
Dear Ex-Gay Community: We are sorry that the leadership of Exodus International didn’t seek out professional psychotherapy to understand the roots of our homosexual feelings. Instead, we merely repressed our urges and hoped that God would take them away if we prayed hard enough. We also deeply regret that we didn’t pursue advanced degrees in counseling or psychology so we could truly help others who were struggling with unwanted SSA resolve their issues and experience real change. How foolish of us to believe that our member ministries would stand aside and allow us to destroy their work and reputations. We are sorry that our bad leadership has fragmented the ex-gay community and caused over half of our member ministries to leave and form the Restored Hope Network. We also regret that this has created a great financial difficulty for our organization and caused many of us unemployment. Yours truly, Exodus International Board of Directors. PS: Please forgive Alan Chambers for leaking confidential e-mails of our former colleagues to a homosexual activist website who used it against them. That was really bad!
You see how Doyle just accused Exodus of trying to pray the gay away? Oh, my sides. (Via Right Wing Watch)

RELATED: Here's the kind of therapy that you get with Doyle's "advanced degrees in counseling or psychology," courtesy of Richard Cohen, the co-founder of Doyle's new group.

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