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KOD - Japan To Jupiter

Stereogum recaps the first release from Kitchens Of Distinction in 19 years:
London’s Kitchens Of Distinctions were a British guitar band in the late ’80s – mid ’90s, but they never really fit into any of the highly publicized scenes of that time and place: too lucid to be considered shoegazers, too dreamy to be Britpop. Because of that, they kind of fell through the cracks — an undeserved fate. During their time on this Earth, KOD made some damn fine records, most notably 1992′s essential The Death Of Cool. The band split after 1995′s Cowboys And Aliens, but just like every other late, lamented band from that era that you never got a chance to see live, they’ve reunited, and are now releasing new music. “Japan To Jupiter” is the first single to be released from KOD’s forthcoming LP, Folly; it’s a billowing, sublime, Bowie-esque gem. Listen.
Before I even knew that vocalist Patrick Fitzgerald is openly gay, I'd picked up on the homo-ness of some of KOD's lyrics, particularly on their soaring 1994 track, Come On Now. Sample line: And his laugh, it gets me through those troubled hours of men in suits. I played the hell out of that album.  The new release is due on November 9th.

UPDATE: KOD's Fitzgerald jumped into the comments of this post to direct us to the official video for the new track which has "plenty of queer imagery." Squee!

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