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NEW YORK CITY: Bloomberg Files Appeal To Fight Stop-And-Frisk Ruling

Earlier this week a federal judge ruled that the NYPD's infamous stop-and-frisk policy is unconstitutional.  Today the Bloomberg administration filed a notice of appeal of that ruling.
Speaking Friday on his weekly radio show, Bloomberg blasted U.S. District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin, who earlier this week ruled the tactic was unconstitutional. “What does she know about policing? Absolutely zero,” Bloomberg said. “Your safety and the safety of your kids is now in the hands of some woman who does not have the expertise to do it.” Bloomberg and other officials have credited the policy in part for a pronounced drop in the homicide rate. The city averages one homicide a day currently, compared with six in 1990. “We think the judge could not be more wrong. The Supreme Court has ruled, we follow the rules,” he said. “This would be a disaster for the city.”
With today's notice to the court, the city now has 90 days to file their formal brief.

UPDATE: Just in from Christine Quinn.
Despite our urging Mayor Bloomberg not to appeal Judge Scheindlin’s decision in the stop, question and frisk case, the Administration has announced that they will move forward with their appeal. Communities across the City have suffered long enough under unjust, unfair and unconstitutional practices. There should be no further delay to long-needed reforms to stop, question and frisk. That’s why we will file declarations in the Courts to oppose any motion for a stay. My office will fight any attempt to prevent these reforms from being implemented. In addition, we will work closely with the plaintiff in this case to oppose any stay pending the appeal and to urge the Second Circuit Court to uphold the district court decision.”

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