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Quote Of The Day: Cardinal Donald Wuerl

"If someone describes marriage as inherently something between a man and a woman only, is this somehow discrimination, bigotry or even hate speech? Until just a few years ago, this question would be looked upon as absurd. But today it is a real inquiry and an open challenge to the truth about human sexuality, the complementarity of man and woman, and the nature of marriage. The assertion is made that for the Church to profess that some activities are immoral is in itself wrongful and, therefore, Catholics should not be free to publicly proclaim the Church’s revealed and received tradition. When discussions occur within the secular community, the assumed context is called civil discourse and it should not be stifled by gratuitous charges of discrimination against those who hold differing positions on an issue." - Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who in 2010 sponsored a campaign to get Catholics to sign the Manhattan Declaration, which calls on Christians to disobey existing laws that protect LGBT people from discrimination.

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