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Slate Launches "Gaysplaining" Section

Slate today announced the launch of Outward, a new section of the site that "won’t be just another one-note, mainstream 'gay news' blog." Um, ouch?
Being made of the same ornery stuff as the rest of Slate, Outward will be a haven for passionate expressions of underrepresented and controversial points of view that we hope will make you think, make you cry, and even make you mad, all in the service of expanding the limits of the this big queer conversation. If it’s not clear already, that conversation includes anyone who wants in, even if they don’t have a gay bone in their body. Though many (but by no means all) of us working on Outward are queer, it’s important to us that it speaks to—if not always for—everyone. In fact, we especially want to hear from straight readers who have questions about LGBTQ life and culture. Gaysplaining isn’t a bad word as far as we’re concerned, so, if there’s something you’d like to Ask a Gay Person, send your questions.
The first three Outward posts are here.

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