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Anthony Weiner Dances On Float As DJ Plays Song Calling For Murdering Gays

Anthony Weiner was the only New York City mayoral candidate with his own float in this weekend's West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn. (Other candidates marched or made appearances.) Today comes the news that as he danced on the float, Weiner's DJ played a Jamaican dancehall record that calls for murdering gay people. Complex provides a verse from the artist Capleton's lyrics:

"Lick a shot inna a battyman head!
Lick a shot inna a lesbian head!
All sodomite dem fi dead,
All lesbian dem fi dead."

"Battyman" is a Jamaican slur for male homosexual. The use of such so-called "murder music" lyrics by popular dancehall musicians have caused many of them to lose concert gigs around the world.

There's no reason to believe Weiner could even understand the words to the song he was bouncing to and it's entirely possible that the DJ was deliberately mocking Weiner's pro-gay positions. (Although Weiner did have a somewhat of a flap over his reaction to anti-gay voter back in June.) But man, can anything else possibly go horribly wrong in his campaign? The above-linked site is awaiting a statement from Weiner's camp.

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