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Cameron Flick Grosses $2M In One Night

Kirk Cameron's new movie asks (and presumably answers) why God kills the fuck out of millions of people every year even though he loves them so fucking much. Here's how things went when the movie debuted this week.
Kirk Cameron's latest independently financed faith-based film, Unstoppable -- which ran on 700 screens Tuesday as part of a one-night live event -- has grossed over $2 million from approximately 150,000 ticket sales, according to Rentrak. By comparison, the Hugh Jackman-Jake Gyllenhaal drama Prisoners pulled in $2.2 million on 3,260 screens in the same time frame. That makes Unstoppable the most successful event in the history of NCM Fathom Events, the Colorado-based entertainment company founded in 2002 that broadcasts live simulcasts of everything from Metropolitan Opera performances to Rolling Stones concerts to big-name boxing matches in movie theaters around the country.
Cameron's 2008 movie, Fireproof, grossed $34M after being made for a mere $500K. (Tipped by JMG reader George)

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