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Dallas Voice Editor Fired

"In my opinion, the new owners of the [Dallas] Voice are interested in nothing but profit. They don't seem to care about the LGBT community or their employees, and they certainly don't care about doing good journalism. They want an editor who will write puff pieces about their advertisers instead of reporting the facts, and I refused to be that editor. For example, last week we reported on the new dress code at Dallas Pride. Organizers of the parade are among the Voice's biggest advertisers, and they were not at all happy when this became a national story. They blamed me for it. I also raised objections about the cover of our Pride issue because I didn't think it included enough minorities, and specifically African-Americans. In response, I was shouted down and told, 'That's not our market.' These are just a few examples of what I have endured for the last several months." - Former Dallas Voice editor John Wright, who says he was fired yesterday for insubordination. (Via email)

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