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HomoQuotable - Fred Karger

"In a August 22 blog post the National Organization of Marriage wrote, 'What's the best way to weaken and silence those you disagree with? Intimidation and threats, of course.' That statement also went into a NOM email blast to its claimed list of 500,000. NOM and its president, Brian Brown, have been attacking me ever since my sworn complaint against them in Iowa resulted in another ethics’ investigation of NOM. This was just one of Brian’s latest personal attacks against me. He is very upset because Iowa is the third state to conduct an ethics investigation into NOM’s illegal campaign activities. Ongoing investigations are under way in Maine and California as well, because of sworn complaints that I filed in those states. Just go to Google and search 'NOM threats.' There are 1,710,000 results. Trying 'NOM intimidation' will yield about 1,320,000 results. That’s a lot of NOM threats and intimidation." - 2012 GOP presidential candidate and NOM watchdog Fred Karger, writing for the Advocate. Hit the link and read Karger's 20 examples of NOM's threats, all of which have been reported here.

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