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ILLINOIS: Religious And Hate Groups Announce "Defend Marriage Lobby Day"

The Catholic Conference of Illinois, the Illinois Family Institute, and NOM are jointly promoting October 23rd as "Defend Marriage Lobby Day" at the state capitol.  Brian Brown writes:
You may have heard media reports in the past week that the sponsors of the same-sex 'marriage' bill are reconsidering their strategy of calling the bill for a vote during the veto session this fall. This is good news, but we can't let up yet. It means that your efforts — the emails, the calls, and the in-person visits to legislators — are making a difference. If those who would redefine marriage had the votes to push through their bill, they would not be equivocating about calling the vote this fall. Despite all their money and big names, they have not yet been able to overcome the voice of the people. However, we can't stop yet. We must keep the pressure on legislators so there can be no doubt in their minds that the people of Illinois do not want marriage redefined.
RELATED: The pro-gay Illinois Unites For Marriage has posted a list of phone banking opportunities to help reach out to state legislators.

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