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REPORT: Archdiocese Of Minneapolis Covered Up For Pedophile Priest

According to a report published today by Minnesota Public Radio, the Archdiocese of Minneapolis covered up for a local priest recently sentenced to prison for child molesting. We all know Minneapolis Archbishop John Nienstadt, of course, for his opposition to same-sex marriage, for declaring that Satan loves sodomy, and for advising a parishioner that she will go to hell if she accepts her gay son.
Haselberger opened Wehmeyer's file and realized there was no background check on the priest, even though the diocese had a policy that required background checks for all clergy. Haselberger kept looking, and saw documents that reported Wehmeyer had a sexual addiction and the archdiocese knew about it. She knew that Nienstedt was considering whether to promote Wehmeyer, so she sent him a memo alerting him to review the file. She also attached a copy of the earlier psychological and sexual assessment of Wehmeyer. The priest's personnel file included evidence that Wehmeyer had violated the archdiocese's code of conduct several times. Haselberger assumed that would end Wehmeyer's career as a priest. It did not. While she waited for a response, the archdiocese continued to receive reports on Wehmeyer — three in 2009. In one case, a priest called to say that Wehmeyer had approached him for sex. Someone else reported seeing Wehmeyer acting suspiciously with boys at a campground. Those were the same boys Wehmeyer was later accused of abusing, Haselberger said.
It's quite the story, you should read the full report. (Tipped by JMG reader Rick)

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