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Yet Another Weiner Incident [UPDATED]

UDPATE: The Weiner campaign has released a longer video of today's confrontation in which the Orthodox Jewish man heckling him can be heard slamming Weiner for being "married to an Arab."

UPDATE NOTE: The video below, which was picked up by numerous sites, was posted by blogger Jacob Kornbluh and it is not known if he edited out the "married to an Arab" remark. (Tipped by JMG reader Dwight)

UPDATE II: Twitchy notes that some Twitter users are now apologizing to Weiner after learning about the attack on his wife.

Anthony Weiner took a Rosh Hashanah visit to Brooklyn's Hasidic-heavy Borough Park today, where things got quite ugly.
After an Orthodox Jewish man called Mr. Weiner a “scumbag” as he was leaving a Boro Park bakery, the mayoral hopeful furiously spun around to confront the voter. “Very nice, very nice, in front of kids. That’s a charming guy right there,” Mr. Weiner, chewing on cookies, uttered during one of several campaign stops on a visit to the neighborhood on the eve of the Jewish New Year.

“You are disgusting, disgusting,” the man, Saul Kessler, replied, referencing the sexting scandal that forced Mr. Weiner to resign from Congress and continues to engulf his campaign. But Mr. Weiner, sagging in the polls as Election Day rapidly approaches, was not interested in brushing aside Mr. Kessler. “Yeah, it takes one to know one, jackass,” Mr. Weiner shot back from the bakery’s doorway. “What’s that? What’s that? You wait until I walk out to say anything, that’s courage, that’s courage!”
And it just went on from there.

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