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Freep This Wisconsin Poll

The haters are trying to repeal Wisconsin's domestic partners registry because it's "too close to marriage." The state Supreme Court heard opening arguments in the case yesterday.
Attorney Austin Nimocks, representing a group of citizens that challenged the law, told the justices the domestic partner registry follows the blueprint of marriage. Nimocks said the registry has restrictions on how old someone must be to enter into a domestic partner relationship and how closely related they are, while also prohibiting them from entering into another domestic partner relationship or a marriage. "This case is not about benefits," Nimocks said. "This case is rather about chapter 770 mimicking marriage's blueprint in the Wisconsin code, a blueprint which does not rise or fall on the extension of any particular benefit." During Wednesday's oral arguments, Justice Michael Gableman pressed both attorneys on the language supporters of the anti-gay marriage amendment used during the legislative debate and the run up to the 2006 referendum.
Nimocks works for the pedophile-friendly anti-gay group, the Alliance Defense Fund. Go freep today's poll in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Try the main page on the lower right. (Tipped by JMG reader Jim)

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