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LIVE VIDEO: New Jersey's First Gay Couples To Marry At Midnight Tonight

ABC's New Jersey affiliate will be live-streaming one of the ceremonies.
When they first met 27 years ago, marriage let alone their relationship wasn't something to talk about. AT 12:01a.m., Joanne Schailey and Beth Asaro will make history in a small Lambertville courtroom being one of the first gay couples in the state to be legally married. "20 years ago you didn't tell anybody at work you were gay. You were afraid you would get fired or ostracized. It's a whole different world now," Schailey said. "Like real people we know that but to have the whole state understand that and accept that and just to be equal is beyond words," Asaro said. Asaro, a City Councilwoman and Schailey, a registered nurse was legally married in New York.
Marriages will also take place in other New Jersey towns tonight, including several officiated by Newark mayor and Senator-elect Cory Booker.

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