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Boehner: ENDA Is Unneccesary

"I am opposed to discrimination of any kind in the work place and any place else. But I think this legislation that I've dealt with as chairman of the Educational Workforce Committee long before I was back into leadership, is unnecessary and would provide a basis for frivolous lawsuits. People are already protected in the work place. So I am, I'm opposed to continuing this. Listen, I understand people have different opinions on this issue and I respect those opinions but it is someone who worked in this employment law area for all of my years in the statehouse and all of my years here, I see no basis or no need for this." - House Speaker John Boehner, who is either lying or is terribly misinformed about LGBT employment rights.
(Tipped by JMG reader Dwight)

UPDATE: Zack Ford has the clip at Think Progress.

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