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Brian Brown Applauds Jo Jordan

"Despite being called 'Judas' in the gay press (along with suffering some other malignant and tasteless personal attacks) she is doing the right thing to express concerns about the many examples of punishment that people have suffered when marriage has been redefined elsewhere. Legal scholars on both sides of the issue brought this to the attention of all lawmakers, and it’s gratifying that Rep. Jordan is examining those concerns. I don't know what Jordan will do in the future with respect to this issue. She is under tremendous pressure from gay activists and we should hold her in prayer. But whatever her final vote, the fact that she has acknowledged as legitimate the concerns many people have about the consequences of redefining marriage is an example of the kind of public servants we need more of in this country: elected officials who are willing to critically examine the issues without counting the cost and without worrying about being maligned and vilified by small-minded individuals who have no respect for the democratic process." - Hate group leader Brian Brown, writing before last night's final vote.

As we know now, Jordan did indeed cast her final vote against the civil equality of her own people, becoming the only openly gay legislator to ever have done so.
Honolulu Magazine posted a lengthy interview with Jordan before last night's vote. An excerpt from her responses:
I haven’t figured out why I felt so compelled to fight for the religious exemptions, to not erode Constitutional rights. I don’t belong to any particular denomination. I don’t wear one of those hats. I take religion out of everything. My religion is the mountain, the aina and spiritual. Everybody finds their own religion somewhere. I have the same values as they do, but it’s just a little different. When I walked into this session, that rose to the surface. Why me? Why am I trying to protect your religious rights? I’m still trying to figure out. I’ve always followed paths. I don’t find the path. The path finds me. This, obviously, is a path I’m supposed to go. You’re not supposed to question. Just ‘OK.’

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