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NEW YORK CITY: Men Sue Uptown McDonald's Over Homophobic Staffer

Two men have sued an uptown Manhattan franchise of McDonald's, claiming that a staffer joined customers in a homophobic attack on them.
Willis Washington Jr. and Horace Stevenson III were in the Hamilton Heights Mickey D’s at 2:30 a.m. last December when a fellow customer assumed the two men were gay, they claim. The customer “started to say he had a problem with gay people and that the gay lifestyle was not what God wants,” according to their Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit. They ignored the loudmouth, but When they got to the counter, Washington and Stevenson say the cashier joined in the homophobia and refused to serve them, the lawsuit alleges filed last week. The customers began pushing the two men to the back of the store, prompting a panicked Stevenson to dial 911 before the cashier “actually handed one of the customers a metal pipe from behind the counter and motioned to him that he should hit plaintiffs with it,” according to the lawsuit.
According to the suit, the NYPD initially arrested the victims, but charges were later dropped.

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