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NEW YORK CITY: Paparazzo Offers To Box Baldwin, Donate Proceeds To GLAAD

A New York City photographer who claims to have been shoved by Alec Baldwin is offering to meet the hot-headed actor in a boxing ring with the proceeds from the bout to go to GLAAD. Yesterday he wrote a column for the New York Post. An excerpt:
This reporter got up close and apparently way too personal for the Bloviator outside his East Village home on Friday — and the big mouth roared. His chubby face contorted with rage, Baldwin bellowed at me to back away and then charged like a bull, pushing me into a parked car. just let him blow off steam. Alec could have found out I have fists of fury — and was once a professional boxer trained by Frazier himself with three first-round knockouts in nine fights. I could have sprayed his teeth from the Bowery to the Battery, but I kept my cool. I didn’t snap when he slapped my cellphone to the street. I didn’t crack his glass jaw when he shoved me with his right hand into the back of a parked car.
The photographer claims that during the dust-up Baldwin called him fat and middle-aged.

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