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It looks like Charity Buzz has pulled the auction to have crackpot Orson Scott Card speak to a high school. I don't know why, the bidding had soared to $0.00. Snork!

UPDATE: Credit for the auction being yanked goes to Back2Stonewall blogger Will Kohler, who wrote to the RFK Center For Human Rights and got this response:
Dear Will: The RFK Center works around the world to defend sexual minorities’ rights, and is a longstanding leader in the fight against LGBTI discrimination. In Uganda alone, we have partnered for years with on-the-ground activists to lead a global coalition against the infamous anti-homosexuality bill, galvanized global faith leaders and Nobel Peace laureates on behalf of LGBTI Ugandans, secured the release of trans activists imprisoned for their advocacy efforts, brought life-saving medical resources to health care clinics serving LGBTI patients who have been turned away from city hospitals, and fostered a historic dialogue on sexual minority rights within the nation’s police forces. Auction coordinators occasionally offer items to the RFK Center auction. The RFK Center did not solicit this item and it is no longer part of our auction.

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