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Russia: #LoveAlwaysWins

Via press release:
Today All Out, an organization mobilizing millions of people and their social networks to build a powerful global movement for love and equality, released a new short video as part of its campaign urging Russia to repeal its anti-gay propaganda ahead of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The video imagines what it could be like for lesbian, gay, and bi Olympians during the winter games under Russia’s anti-gay “propaganda” law. “Russia’s law makes it unclear whether public displays of affection, coming out on television by mentioning an athlete’s loved one, or even hugging your partner after winning the gold medal could result in fines or deportation,” Andre Banks All Out’s Executive Director and Co-Founder said. “Putin would like us to think gays and lesbians are welcome during the Olympics, but no one will feel safe and welcome while this law is in place.” “It’s not too late,” Andre Banks. “China made serious concessions ahead of Beijing to ensure the 2008 Olympic Games were consistent with international standards and Russia should not be exempt from doing the same. Russia must overturn the law before the Winter Olympics.”

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