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Saturday In Illinois: Activists To Protest Annual Fundraiser For Porno Pete

The Gay Liberation Network will protest on Saturday outside the annual fundraising banquet for Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, Porno Pete's one-man hate "group" that masquerades as an actual organization.  From the protest's Facebook event page:
Just like the Illinois Family Institute, American for Truth About Homosexuality has also spread lies to attack the rights of the LGBTQ community; the group has accused gay people of being pedophiles as well as murderers who are responsible for the AIDS crisis. The group has also pushed propaganda claiming that the gay rights movement has led to totalitarianism. Groups like the Illinois Family Institute and American For Truth About Homosexuality who continue to attack teachers and public education because they think that teachers are “brain-washing” children to support the “homosexual agenda.”
RELATED: Porno Pete continues to pretend to be outraged that GLN refuses to denounce the "brick-throwing incident" at his 2011 fundraiser, which virtually everybody believes was staged by Porno and Scott Lively themselves.

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