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Texas Hater Has The Houston Sadz

"In Texas, the state of the law on this issue could not be any clearer when it comes to the definition of marriage, when it comes to the state of Texas giving recognition to same-sex arrangements. All of those are banned in our state. There's no question about that. So it is outrageous that Mayor Parker and the city of Houston think they have the authority to not only rewrite the Texas Constitution on marriage, but blatantly ignore a citizen-approved measure on this issue. This self-serving effort by Mayor Parker, forcing city staff to willfully violate the Texas Constitution, is one of the most dangerous and egregious forms of Washington-style power grabs that I've ever seen." - Jonathan Saenz, head of Texas Values, who is ever so pissed that Houston Mayor Annise Parker has ordered her city to recognize out of state same-sex marriages.

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