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Alberta-Born Sen. Ted Cruz Is Finally Going To Renounce Canadian Citizenship

The Dallas Morning News reports:
Born in Alberta 43 years ago last Sunday, Sen. Ted Cruz was unaware of his dual nationality until The Dallas Morning News explored the issue in August. Since then, he said in a recent interview, “I have retained counsel that is preparing the paperwork to renounce the citizenship.” He expects to complete the process in 2014. That time frame jibes with predictions from Canadian legal experts. He doesn’t dispute holding dual citizenship. “Not at this point,” he said. When Cruz was born, his parents were living in the Canadian oil patch in Calgary. His mother is a native-born American. His father, a Cuban émigré who later became a naturalized American, was still a Cuban citizen. Under U.S. law, a child born with even one American parent is automatically entitled to citizenship, even if the birth takes place outside the country. Canada, like the United States, also confers automatic citizenship to anyone born on its soil, regardless of the parents’ nationalities. That revelation by The News startled Cruz and his parents.
I suppose it's some credit to the birthers that many maintain that Cruz can never be president.

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