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Bulletin From Equality Utah

Equality Utah has posted some pointers on their Facebook page:
1. Bring cash to pay for your license to make it quicker. Price varies from county to county. It's $40 in Salt Lake County. 2. Time is of the essence, we don't know how much time we will have. County Clerks offices open at 8am Monday morning. 3. The district court will hear arguments about the State’s request for a stay on Monday at 9:00AM. The Tenth Circuit is likely to wait for the district court to rule, before considering the motion before it. 4. Worst case scenario we will only have 1 hour in which marriages can be performed by the respective county clerks. 5. We have confirmation that Salt Lake County & Weber County & Washington County Clerks will be open and ready to marry people exactly at 8am. 6. If you are denied in other counties, make sure that your form is filled out completely, date stamped, marked as denied by the county clerk.
Hit the link for much more.

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