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FRC Prays Against Themselves

The Family Research Council's "prayer team" has posted a plea to God about the Senate filibuster rule change.
President Obama now has three years to stack the courts with liberals -- judicial activists with life-long tenure -- who will strike down pro-life, pro-family and pro-religious liberty laws, even if conservatives win back the Senate in 2014 and the White House in 2016. Only prevailing prayer and God's mercy can preserve us. Just as a wind from heaven prevailed against Cornwallis 232 years ago, may our God-fearing Senators be given winds of wisdom to navigate their way amid this new, even more hostile environment. May God protect us from judges who oppose what God calls right! (Ex 15:9-13; Dt 16:19; 25:12 Chr 20:6; Ps 51:16-23; Is 33:22; Jn 7:24 )
As I noted two weeks ago, in 2005 the Family Research Council demanded the exact change made by the Democrats last month: "The Senate must act as steward of the federal courts by returning the power to confirm judges to the Constitution’s simple majority requirement. The unprecedented abuse of the filibuster is a device intended to undermine the prerogatives of the Presidency as well as the tradition of the Senate. It must not stand." Snork!

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