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French President Won't Attend Sochi

French President Francois Hollande will not be attending the Sochi Olympics, but so far the French government hasn't given a reason. Via Buzzfeed:
“There are no plans to attend,” Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told the station. “Top French officials have no plans to be there.” Fabius offered no explanation for the decision to ditch the games, according to Europe 1, which suggested it might be due to Russia’s controversial anti-LGBT “gay propaganda” ban. France’s Sports Minister Valérie Fourneyron expressed concerns about the law to her Russian counterpart in August. Hollande attended the Summer Games in London, along with a record number of other world leaders.
Buzzfeed notes that the White House has not yet announced whether the United States is sending an official delegation. The First Lady attended the Summer Games in London last year and that announcement came four months in advance. Last week the ceremonial president of Germany announced that he was boycotting Sochi over Russia's anti-gay pogrom.

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