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Pat Buchanan Praises Vladimir Putin

"America was de-Christianized in the second half of the 20th century by court orders, over the vehement objections of a huge majority of a country that was overwhelmingly Christian. And same-sex marriage is indeed an 'abstract' idea unrooted in the history or tradition of the West. Where did it come from? Peoples all over the world, claims Putin, are supporting Russia's 'defense of traditional values' against a 'so-called tolerance' that is 'genderless and infertile.' While his stance as a defender of traditional values has drawn the mockery of Western media and cultural elites, Putin is not wrong in saying that he can speak for much of mankind." - Pat Buchanan, in a Townhall piece to goes on to lavish praise on France's neo-Nazi-affiliated Manif Pour Tous. Buchanan also claims that the Indian Supreme Court just repealed same-sex marriage.

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