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Rewriting The Bible To Make It Worse

Over at Alternet, Richard Schiffman reminds us of a project to re-translate the bible that is now in its fourth year.
Liberal bias in the media pales in comparison to what you’ll find in your standard-issue Bibles, according to, a kind of Wikipedia for the religious right. The King James Bible, not to mention more recent translations like the New International Version (NIV), are veritable primers of progressive agitprop, complains Andy Schlafly, the founder of (His mother, Phyllis, is an activist best known for her opposition to feminism and the Equal Rights Amendment.) But not to worry. Andy Schlafly’s group is on the case, and they have invited you to pitch in. Well, maybe not you, exactly, but the "best of the public,” whose assistance is solicited in proposing new wording for left-leaning Bible verses. Don’t know Aramaic, Hebrew or ancient Greek? Not a problem. What they are looking for is not exactly egghead scholarship, but a knack for using words they've read in the Wall Street Journal. They have a list of promising candidates on their website— words like capitalism, work ethic, death penalty, anti-competitive, elitism, productivity, privatize, pro-life—all of which are conspicuously missing from those socialist-inspired Bibles we’ve been reading lately.
Among the verses already changed is that pesky one about rich men not getting into heaven. Hit the link for much more hilarity. (Tipped by JMG reader Boitje)

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