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San Diego Paper Calls For Splitting CA Into Separate Liberal & Wingnut States

From the editorial board of the San Diego Union-Times, which is owned by Tea Party nut and major Prop 8 backer Doug Manchester:
It may not be necessary to destroy California in order to fix it. But it may be necessary to cut it in two, carving out a 51st state of New California where taxes are low, regulations are few and where politicians are not the lap dogs of the public-employee labor unions. [snip] Regardless of which counties might ultimately be included, The U-T San Diego ownership thinks secessionist proponents are onto something. In the end, New California ought to include any counties seeking a new beginning without the tax and regulatory burdens and the Nanny State mentality of the existing California — and that could end up being just about the entire state other than the coastal strip from Los Angeles through Mendocino or Humboldt counties, along with Sacramento.
For the right-wing "New California," the board calls for ending tenure for public school teachers, abolishing the state income tax, banning mandatory union membership, and banning all government pensions. (The above map is just one of several proposed divisions.)

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