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Brian Brown Has The Virginia Sadz, Calls For Impeaching AG Mark Herring

"The Attorney General swore an oath that he would 'support...the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia' and faithfully discharge his duties, which include defending duly enacted laws like the state's marriage amendment. Yet now Attorney General Herring is participating in a lawsuit against the very people he is sworn to represent, the citizens of Virginia who preserved marriage in their constitution. This malfeasance and neglect of duty is not only a disgrace, it's an impeachable offense under the constitution. Section 17 of the Virginia state constitution provides that the Attorney General may be impeached for 'malfeasance in office, corruption, neglect of duty or other high crime or misdemeanor.'

"Thanks to the foresight of Ken Cuccinelli, there is a governmental entity who is defending the law now that the Attorney General has abandoned his constitutional responsibility. Prince William County Circuit Court Clerk Michele McQuigg is in a position to defend the law and appeal a decision if need be. We call on the General Assembly to make sure that she has the financial and legal resources and expertise needed to effectively defend the law. We also encourage the General Assembly itself to intervene to defend the people's decision to preserve marriage." - Hate group leader Brian Brown, in a statement posted to NOM's blog.

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