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Delgaudio's Library Appointee Resigns

Via the Leesburg Today:
The man who came under fire for his extreme political stances after he was appointed to the Loudoun Library Board of Trustees earlier this month has resigned. Andrew Beacham sent an email to the entire Board of Supervisors Sunday afternoon thanking them for their consideration in appointing him, but saying "[d]ue the circumstances, I hereby tender my resignation effective immediately from the Loudoun County Library Board of Trustees." Because Beacham's appointment had been confirmed by the Board of Supervisors at its Jan. 2 meeting, his name could not be withdrawn from consideration. At Wednesday's meeting, a member of the board could have voted to reconsider his appointment, which sources say would have happened had he not voluntarily resigned.
A small victory for all those long-haired men in warehouses. My earlier post about this loon is here.

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