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"Ex-Gay" Group: If You Hook Up At Our Convention You Totally Don't Get A Refund

The Restored Hope Network, which arose from the ashes of Exodus International, will hold its annual convention in Portland, Oregon during the last weekend in June just in case anybody was planning on attending gay pride. And should you totally by accident find your mouth on a cock during your late night wanderings around the host hotel? No refund! From the convention code of conduct:
Restored Hope Network requires that all participants at the Restoring Hope Conference adhere to standards of conduct in keeping with Christian professional standards. This includes abstaining from all forms of immoral behavior. Disruption of the conference in any form is not acceptable, including but not limited to: interrupting conference presenters or activities; distributing literature, materials, or audio or video recording at the conference that have not been pre-approved by Restored Hope Network Board of Directors; campaigning for alternative religions, philosophical or political views; on-site demonstrations; seeking sexual contacts; harassing others; using alcohol or narcotics; or sharing registration with other persons. Persons asked to leave for violation of the Code of Conduct will not be eligible for refunds.
RELATED: Today's notice comes from Anne Paulk, the ex-wife of former "ex-gay" poster boy John Paulk, who last June apologized for his time with the "ex-gay" industry and denounced the work now being carried on by the still-totally-lesbian Anne.  Scheduled to speak at the event is NARTH co-founder Joseph Nicolosi, who presumably won't mention the other NARTH co-founder who was caught in the Miami airport returning from vacation with a lithe young male prostitute.

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