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Linda Harvey: Everybody Is Heterosexual

"Remember that Nobel Prize winner, the scientist who discovered the 'gay' gene? I’m having trouble coming up with the name. It’s because there is no such researcher, since nothing like a 'gay gene' has been found. But try to tell that to the Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, and the various self-important 'gay' bloggers. With claws and teeth exposed, the monster purveyors of 'tolerance' try to come off as noble moralists, but confront them with the truth and the artifice falls. Their reactions are violent for a simple reason: fear. They wonder if they might actually be heterosexuals after all. New humans are an impossibility for two men or two women, even if the Supreme Court declares them 'married.' No new life will ever result from these dead-end unions. At least one other person will always have to be involved to produce children. The reality is, no one is a homosexual and everyone is a heterosexual. And those who have developed, fantasized and nurtured those 'gay' feelings really don’t like reality. It makes them want to attack. Or it makes them start vicious organizations like GLAAD, to make the lies seem real and respectable. It makes them stupid enough to try to take on the Russians. All I can say is, good luck with that." - Child torture advocate Linda Harvey, writing for World Net Daily.

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