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National Marriage Week USA Is Coming

Via press release from the anti-gay Manhattan Declaration:
Dear Friends of Marriage, Here’s a vibrant opportunity for you to turn the tide of public thinking and behavior about marriage! National Marriage Week USA (Feb. 7-14) provides a positive way to actually help reverse the alarming decline of marriage in your church or your town during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. WHAT CAN YOU DO? You can ask your clergy to preach and teach about marriage on Sunday, February 9th, and use the week to gather a new team who would bring a Sunday School marriage class or home group to your church or town—even host a special speaker or class at a YMCA or public library, a great way to reach out to your community!
Signees of the Manhattan Declaration vow to disobey LGBT rights laws. The number of signees stalled at around 500,000 about two years ago. Since then the site does not list a number.

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