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One Million Moms Vs Staples

Just in from One Million Moms:
The new Staples ad campaign uses the tagline "What the L!" We all know children repeat what they hear. Everyone knows exactly what the company is implying with the mock swearing, but their commercials make sure there is no doubt of their intentions to push the advertising envelope. Staples printed ad spells out "STAP ES" (minus the L), - leading to the question, "What the L is going on?" Staples commercials use these slogans: "There will be L to pay; L if I know; Get the L out of here; All L has broken loose and What the L is going on." Staples' ads (airing on broadcast airwaves and in print) are irresponsible and offensive. They are extremely destructive and damaging to impressionable children who will be exposed to this suggested profanity. Send Staples an email letter and urge them to no longer produce marketing campaigns that cross the line, to pull the newest "What the L" commercials off the air and stop circulation of the printed ad immediately.

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