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Quote Of The Day - Rabbi Yair Hoffman

"It is said that Machiavelli was the first to recommend it, but the old adage of 'the best defense is a good offense' has been adapted wholesale by the LGBTPed community, and New York State is next. A bill first introduced last year by Senator Brad Hoylman, a Manhattan Democrat, was just reintroduced in the New York State legislature with new amendments. Our Governor, Andrew Cuomo, is the one who introduced anti-Leviticus marriage ceremonies in this state and is quite likely to advocate passage of this bill. The LGBTPed community is in high gear and it appears that the religious communities are way behind the eight-ball. As of this writing, not one of our Torah organizations has issued a statement on the New York State bill. The bill, in essence, deprives both minors and therapists the freedom of seeking out therapies that will encourage redirection for those struggling with unhealthy physical attractions. This is a direct assault on religious freedoms in this state by the LGBTPed community, and we must put in an all-out effort to quash this bill." - Rabbi Yair Hoffman, writing for Yeshiva World News.

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