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Seniors Make Deal With Queens McD's

Last week a McDonald's in Queens made headlines after calling the police to evict senior citizens that were spending their days taking up all the restaurant's tables. The New York Daily News now reports that McDonald's management and the seniors have come to an agreement.
It's a McDeal. A group of Korean senior citizens and the manager of a McDonald’s in Flushing have reached a detente over use of the scarce seating area in the fast food restaurant. Management has agreed to ease the 20-minute seating limit during off-peak hours and post signs stating the policy in Korean and Mandarin. In turn, the seniors will give up their seats during the busy hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. if other diners are looking for a spot to sit. “We had to dig deeper to comprehend the pride of a small business owner as well as the pride of our seniors to seek a place to socialize,” said Assemblyman Ron Kim, who helped broker the deal during meetings on Sunday. In addition, the restaurant will look into hiring workers who speak Mandarin and Korean, and a local senior center will provide transportation at the location to give patrons another place to hang out.

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