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Tony Perkins Has The Virginia Sadz

"Someone should have handed Virginia's new Attorney General a job description before he was sworn in. With barely a month under his belt, the radical liberal seems to be completely confused about his role as the state's chief law enforcer. Despite his campaign promises on same-sex 'marriage,' the new AG is obviously taking lessons in lawlessness from President Obama, whose administration never met a marriage law they didn't ignore. Like a majority of states, Virginia had overwhelming support (57%) to pass its marriage amendment in 2006. Now, under the new regime of Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe and Attorney General Mark Herring, the democratic process has been tossed out the window -- along with the votes of 1,328,134 Virginians. This week, the new attorney general announced his intentions to fight the constitutional amendment -- by not enforcing it. Of course, the irony is, if there weren't laws to defend, there'd be no reason to have an attorney general in the first place! If Mark Herring wanted to write legislation, he should have stayed in the state Senate. Instead, he's decided not only to ignore his responsibilities but trample on the people who gave them to him." - KKK-affiliated hate group leader Tony Perkins, who using Herring's move to harvest emails for the FRC.

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