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VIRGINIA: Group Files Court Petition To Remove Eugene Delgaudio From Office

In a petition filed yesterday with the Loudoun County Circuit Court, a local citizens group is demanding that anti-gay hate group leader and County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio be removed from office. The Washington Post reports:
Al Nevarez, a group organizer and spokesman for Sterling Deserves Better, confirmed that the petition was signed by 686 Sterling voters who said they did not want Delgaudio to represent them on the board. The number exceeds the minimum 557 signatures required for the court to consider the motion — representing 10 percent of the voters who participated in the 2011 election in Sterling, Nevarez said. Delgaudio’s attorney, Charles King, said Tuesday that he had not yet seen the petition, and declined to comment further. A lengthy criminal investigation of Delgaudio began in November 2012, after one of his former aides told The Washington Post that the veteran supervisor had used county resources and staff to benefit his political campaign. Delgaudio, a four-term supervisor, was not indicted as a result of the investigation, but a grand jury made the unusual decision to issue a detailed report in June that outlined a number of alleged problems with Delgaudio’s conduct in office. The Loudoun supervisors voted to formally censure Delgaudio in July, and his district budget was placed under the control of the full board.
According to the Post, the court can either dismiss the petition or ask Degaudio to show cause for why he should not be removed.

RELATED: Arriving at the same time as the above news item is Delgaudio's 17th money beg of 2014, via his assistant.
Dear Joe, Our friend Eugene sent me this note below and asked that I reach out to you right away. He has many important decisions to make regarding Public Advocate's direction for 2014. Eugene has to hear your thoughts right away on fighting the Homosexual Classrooms Act, federally-mandated compliance with so-called homosexual "marriage," and the Gay Bill of Special Rights. There are time-sensitive decisions that depend on hearing from our devoted pro-Family supporters like you, Joe. And these decisions also depend on continued financial support from our committed grassroots activists. Please read Eugene's important message below and fill out your 2014 Public Advocate Supporters' Poll right away. Then, I hope you'll consider chipping in with a generous contribution to Public Advocate's ongoing efforts to halt the radical Homosexual Lobby and their anti-Family, anti-morality agenda. Thank you, Elizabeth R.
UPDATE: The court has ordered Delgaudio to appear next Wednesday.

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