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AIDS Denialists Claim Copyright Violations To Take Down Critical YouTube Clips

AIDS denialists are filing takedown notices against a YouTube vlogger who uses their claims to shred their batshittery. Via Boing Boing:
Myles Power, a debunker who goes after junk science and conspiracy theorists, has gone after AIDS denialists and a terrible, falsehood-ridden, dangerous documentary called "House of Numbers," which holds that HIV/AIDS isn't an actual viral illness, but rather a conspiracy to sell anti-viral medication. The AIDS denial movement encourages people who are HIV-positive to go off the medication that keeps them alive. The producers of "House of Numbers" have used a series of bogus copyright takedown notices to get Youtube to remove Powers's videos, in which he uses clips from the documentary as part of his criticism, showing how they mislead viewers and misrepresent the facts and the evidence. It's pure censorship: using the law to force the removal of your opponents' views.
The above-linked article blames Google and YouTube for allowing abuses of the take down policy. Many of the most prominent AIDS denialists in America have died of the disease they claim does not exist. However the movement continues to fester, perhaps most notably in South Africa, thanks in part to former president Thabo Mbeki. (Tipped by JMG reader Dean)

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