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Gregg Jarrett Vs Don Lemon, Round Two

Fox News host Gregg Jarrett is continuing his battle with CNN's Don Lemon over the result of Florida's "loud music" murder trial.
Jarrett told Fox News Radio’s John Gibson that he may be an old man, but Lemon shouldn’t look down on that, because “I bring to the table a lot of experience that he utterly lacks,” suggesting Lemon could “use a measure of maturity.” He concluded, “I think he’s the Al Sharpton on CNN.” Later in the day, Jarrett continued slamming Lemon during an appearance with Megyn Kelly. He said Lemon “set aside all measure of objectivity and he acted on-air as judge, jury, and executioner.” It “incensed” him, Jarrett added, that Lemon “had the audacity to claim, on-air, that he knows better than these jurors.” He suggested if Lemon wants a forum to share his opinions on legal matters, he should “have a talk show” instead.

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