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Hate Group Defends Arizona Bill: People Are Lying About This Legislation

Alliance Defending Freedom is one of the co-authors of Arizona's hate bill. CNN reports:
Today on New Day, CNN's Chris Cuomo spoke with Kellie Fiedorek, a lawyer for the Alliance Defending Freedom which helped draft Arizona’s controversial bill that would allow business owners, as long as they assert their religious beliefs, to deny service to gay and lesbian customers. In the interview, Fiedorek defends the bill, telling Cuomo “there’s been a lot of lies and misinformation spread about the bill.” She said the law was protection from “forcing someone to use their creative ability to create a message to support an event, to support an idea that goes against their beliefs.” She went on to say “for example, we would not force a Muslim to participate in a Koran-burning ceremony. We wouldn't ask a black photographer and force them to go take a picture of KKK event. This is America and America we should be able to live freely and not be forced to endorse ideas.”
Cuomo does a great job with this asshat, who has testified before state legislatures against LGBT rights.

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