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Mark Regnerus: Same-Sex Marriage Will Embolden More Straight Men To Demand Anal Sex From Women

"If gay marriage is perceived as legitimate by heterosexual women, it will eventually embolden boyfriends everywhere -- and not a few husbands -- to press for what men have always historically wanted but were rarely allowed: sexual novelty in the form of permission to stray without jeopardizing their primary relationship. Discussion of openness in sexual partners in straight marriages will become more common, just as the practice of heterosexual anal sex got a big boost from the normalization of gay men's sexual behavior in both contemporary porn and in the American imagination." - Discredited researcher Mark Regnerus, speaking at Franciscan University. The audio clip below is from Good As You. Hit the first link for Regnerus' full speech in which he also calls gay adoption as "mean" as abortion.

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