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MICHIGAN: Plaintiffs In Marriage Equality Suit File Motion To Exclude Testimony Of "Expert Witness" Mark Regnerus

The plaintiffs in a marriage equality lawsuit against the state of Michigan have filed a motion requesting that so-called "expert witness" be barred from testifying. Because all his debunked bullshit is about children. An excerpt:
In addition to being relevant, an expert’s testimony must also be reliable. Reliability of an expert’s conclusions is based on the expert’s knowledge or experience in his or her discipline, rather than on subjective belief or unsupported speculation. On its face, Regnerus’s expected testimony fails to address defendants’ three other asserted justifications for the Michigan Marriage Amendment (“MMA”) because he does not discuss (1) the effects of redefining marriage, (2) the tradition or morality of marriage, or (3) transitioning “naturally procreative relationships into stable unions.”
Suh-NAP! (Via Equality Case Files)

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