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Tea Party Head Judson Phillips: Arizonans Are Now The Slaves Of Homosexuals

Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips wants Arizona to know that they are now the slaves of homosexuals and leftists.
The left and the homosexual lobby in America went into overdrive to kill this bill. Conservatives rallied for this bill and Governor Brewer opted for cowardice instead of courage. Why is this bill so important and what did it mean for not only Arizona but America? The issue can be boiled down to one word: Freedom. A free man or woman controls their labor. A slave has no control over their labor. A free man or woman decides who they will work for and under what conditions. The slave cannot. The left and the homosexual lobby are both pushing slavery using the Orwellian concepts of “tolerance” and “inclusiveness.” Liberalism is the paranoid belief that leftists have that somewhere, someone may be thinking for themselves. It is the tyrannical belief that no deviation in belief is allowed from the decreed orthodoxy. It is the antithesis of liberty. It is tyranny on the march.
Remember - the Tea Party isn't about social issues! It's about big gummint!

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