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Today's Lies From Tony Perkins

"For Senior Master Sergeant Philip Monk, it's been a roller coaster year. The airman, who became the face of the war on religious freedom when he refused to answer his unit commander's question on the merits of homosexual 'marriage,' was not only relieved of his duties, but threatened with a possible court martial. Now, almost a year later, the same Pentagon that wanted to destroy Monk's career is giving him military honors. The about-face came as a total shock to the Sergeant, who, just last year, was fighting for his almost 20-year career. The Meritorious Service Medal, which is authorized by the President for 'outstanding service to the United States,' seems to be a gesture of goodwill from the Air Force in the hopes that the controversy over Monk's religious beliefs will go away." - KKK-affiliated hate group leader Tony Perkins, in a press release published on the website of the Family Research Council.

LIE NUMBER ONE: Monk's claims about being punished for opposing same-sex marriage have been thoroughly debunked many times, including by the Air Force itself.

LIE NUMBER TWO:  Not only is Monk's Meritorious Service Medal not a "gesture of goodwill" to make him go away, the award is routinely given to virtually every member of the Air Force who achieves his rank. That inconvenient fact has even been noted by some Breitbart commenters on the story written by former FRC vice president Ken Klukowski, who never reveals his affiliation in his columns there.

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