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Sarah Palin To Launch Video Channel

Capital New York reports that Sarah Palin has signed a deal to launch her own digital video channel to be named Rogue TV. The project is expected to be similar to Glenn Beck's online network, The Blaze.
The channel will be available through Tapp, the digital video service founded by former CNN chief Jon Klein and former NBC Universal entertainment executive Jeff Gaspin. Subscriptions will cost $10 per month. Rogue is expected to launch in April or May, and it would be one of the first of the digital channels offered by Tapp. Palin’s channel will feature video commentaries from the former Republican vice-presidential candidate, discussing current events and political issues. “Think of it as a video version of her Facebook page,” the source said. That said, Rogue is also expected to feature footage of Palin and her family in Alaska, much as the 2010 TLC reality series, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” did. (TLC’s parent company, Discovery Communications, is an investor in Tapp.) It will also have advice and guidance from Palin, such as tips for parents and recipes. There are also tentative plans to have subscribers engage in regular video chats with Palin.
Tapp's website is here, but it features little information so far. (Tipped by JMG reader Claude)

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