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Tony Perkins Has The World Vision Sadz

"This isn't neutrality -- it's open rebellion. If we're going to follow Christ, we need to follow Him in every aspect -- including the biblical design for the family. And while there are several areas of Scripture that are open to interpretation, this isn't one of them. I'm grateful for the pastors who have remained true to Scripture, but let's be honest -- it's the pastors and pulpits that have paved the way for this heresy with their silence. And ultimately their silence leads not to the straight and narrow, but to the wide and broad gate of destruction. By choosing this path, World Vision has merged with the culture its supporters entrusted them to minister to. Our family has supported the work of World Vision, with one of my daughters actually participating in one of the group's '30 Hour Famines' this past weekend. But we cannot and will not support an organization that exalts the approval of the world over the authority of the Word. In the end when Christians desire the praise of man over the glory of God: they earn neither. The church should continue to support Christian aid and humanitarianism, but only through organizations that remain true to the word of God." - Hate group leader Tony Perkins, via press release.

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