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FRC Launches Campaign To Block Confirmation Of Ninth Circuit Nominee

The Family Research Council today launched a petition campaign which calls on its followers to demand that the US Senate block the confirmation of pro-gay lawyer Michelle Friedland, who was nominated to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals by President Obama last August. Friedland represented several gay couples on behalf of Equality California's failed challenge to Proposition 8 and Tony Perkins wants revenge for that outrage.
In federal courts across America, unelected judges with lifetime appointments have been using the bench to overturn state marriage laws and constitutional amendments put in place by the popular will of the people. These judges need to be stopped! In some states, frustrated legislators have even sent resolutions to Congress calling on it to impeach these activist judges for allowing their personal bias to supersede state Constitutions and the Tenth Amendment's guarantee of state sovereignty. Unfortunately, impeaching a federal judge is a lengthy process that requires the cooperation of both the House and the Senate and is generally reserved for "high crimes and misdemeanors," the types of which have not traditionally included the abuse of power to advance a political agenda. But the biggest problem with impeachment is that it can only come after the damage is done. We need to stop bad judges from ever getting confirmed in the first place.
There are presently 15 vacancies on the various Circuit Courts of Appeal. The Senate vote on Friedland's nomination may come as soon as tomorrow.

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