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One Million Moms Vs Kimberly-Clark

One Million Moms via email:
Poise is airing a new commercial, and it is extremely sexually suggestive. This indecent ad includes two women having a discussion about "SAM" in their pants. Poise products are designed to provide protection for light bladder leaks so they have introduced liners with super absorbent material, or the acronym SAM. The Poise commercial begins with one woman telling another woman about how she loves SAM. She continues by saying, "SAM knows how to take care of a woman. SAM is also very small, but SAM can last for hours!" Then a man they do not know looks over at them shocked because he is close enough to hear their conversation and finds it inappropriate. The ad ends when she says, "I have SAM in my pants right now," and then points to the Poise liners she has in her handbag. The other woman then states, "I wish I had SAM in my pants." It is the most disgusting commercial that Poise and parent company, Kimberly-Clark, have ever produced. Please send Poise (Kimberly-Clark) an email letter urging that this ad be pulled immediately!

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